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Now a terrible reality awaits Keir Starmer

Now a terrible reality awaits Keir Starmer

A Labor victory could soon give way to the harsh economic reality the government now faces, writes Hannah Ziady for CNN.

He lists a series of dark clouds: bankrupt local authorities, crumbling infrastructure, chronic housing shortages, crumbling health care and 2.8 million long-term sick people.

“The new government's ability to address these issues is greatly hampered by a national debt larger than the budget, meaning that tax increases or cuts in public spending are inevitable,” Giadi writes.

In his first speech as prime minister, Starmer admitted he realized the British people had voted Labor mainly to remove the Tories from power.

“It's an unusual political logic – hoping to win the people's trust after winning an election – but it fits the spirit of the times.”

The British are clueless and skeptical after seeing a long list of grandiose political promises and plans – even if they vote Labour, they're not yet ready to say hello, as Starmer acknowledges, Freedland continues.

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