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Novak Djokovic after noticing the groan: “The first time”

Novak Djokovic after noticing the groan: “The first time”

Watch the situation and hear Djokovic’s words in the player above.

During the day on Friday, Novak Djokovic was ready for the Wimbledon final. But during the encounter with Jannik Sinner, the 36-year-old lost a point – when the referee deemed he had disturbed the match by groaning for a long time after suffering a stroke.

Swedish commentators watched the referee and said that it was normal for the players to groan after being beaten.

Even icon John McEnroe strongly criticized the referee’s decision to punish Djokovic.

– I would feel angry if I were Djokovic. But he handled it wonderfully, he says on the BBC.

Discussion created: “He should be punished more”

The clip of the situation – which can be seen in the player above – spread widely across social media. Opinions are more divided there. Among other things, Taylor Fritz, ranked ninth in the world, took part in the discussion about the penalty kick rule in case of annoying whining.

“Novak is not the player I think of first when it comes to this rule. “But some players make their noises too much during important points to annoy you and that has to be punished more often.”

Djokovic himself is confused about the situation in question.

-I don’t usually have problems with prolonged moaning. “I didn’t feel it bothered my opponent, but I respect the referee,” he says.

Djokovic lost the final match to world number one Carlos Alcaraz.