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British boom spread in Denmark - 86 cases

British boom spread in Denmark – 86 cases

It is estimated that the British virus variant is 50-74 percent more contagious than the previously known coronavirus, SSI wrote in a press release.

The progress of the boom in the United Kingdom caused the country to impose stricter restrictions, and Sweden imposed a ban on entering the country before Christmas. On the same day, the government also announced that the border between Sweden and Denmark would be closed.

In Sweden, only 11 cases of the virus variant have been found – but in Denmark the mutation continues to spread at a higher rate.

Nine times higher

Between mid-November and the end of December, 86 cases of the virus occurred in Denmark, according to a new report from the Statens Serum Institute.

SSI also writes in one Press release Since only 11 per cent of positive samples were analyzed, the actual number of cases is expected to be “nearly nine times higher”.

The spread of a more infectious type of virus can lead to a steeper epidemic curve and a higher peak. The new virus is sure to continue to spread and this means that we will beef up our infection prevention measures and stick to them for a longer period of time to keep the epidemic under control, says Tyra Grove Krause, chief medical officer at State Security Investigations, in the press release. .

According to the SSI, it may thus be appropriate for the need to extend the strict restrictions prevailing in Denmark.

Fortunately, Denmark is now effectively closed. We hope it will also reduce the spread of this virus, but over time it will outpace the other viruses we have in the registry, because it is more contagious. This could mean the infection flares up quickly again when restrictions are lifted, says Tyra Grove Krause.

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