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Noreen returns to Olympic golf: 'There is hope'

Noreen returns to Olympic golf: ‘There is hope’

Behind him, in the eighteenth green background, the names on the big screen rolled across the overall standings. It took a while before Alex Noreen’s name came out, to the contrary this morning.

What then started with third place, hopes of participation and a drought-breaking Swedish medal at the Olympics in Tokyo has now turned into the joint 17th most concealed place.

Even gold and the American world, Xander Schauffele distinguishes seven strokes. To Carlos Ortiz, Mexico, and England’s Paul Casey, and battled for the bronze medal, with a total of five hits.

tough competition

Of course, nothing is impossible. However, nothing becomes easier when the competition consists of world class names who have been in this position many times before on recent Sundays in the course of golf.

Prior to the start of Olympic golf, the competition was called into question after replays and leaks by world stars such as John Ram, Dustin Johnson and Bryson Deschamps. Take a look at the list of results now and it could be the first fight in a PGA competition or even a major.

– I’m not thinking about everyone who’s been before, I’m “shooting” a really low round so there’s a chance. They don’t always perform at the top either. It’s about thinking about myself and what I can do, and then doing it is another thing.

Noreen knows there should be no replay on Saturday. The first two rounds were stable. During the third round, mix and give, most of them will show up.

Bad close play

In the end, there were four phantoms, two more than were produced during the previous two rounds.

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– I blame everything on bad close play and bad posture. Then using this format with three places playing a role, it becomes easy to unconsciously push yourself and want the birds early in the round.

And on the 14th hole, frustration became palpable, the field facing the green remained too short around the flag, Noreen raised the club above the knee – but didn’t break it.

– I’ve never done that. There were very few holes left to play, Noreen says with a smile.

– I destroyed a driver on the 17th hole once when I learned I didn’t need to use it on the 18th hole.

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