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Nora Skin | Golden team praises: ‘You will be magical’

Over 90,000 tickets were sold for the International Horse Show at Friends Arena from Thursday to Sunday.

This means a new record for the audience.

But there are plenty of reasons, for sports enthusiasts in general and friends of equestrian sports in particular, to give a few days for world class jumping and dressage.

And not least, the opportunity awaits to show their appreciation of achievement against the USA in Tokyo.

On Thursday evening, the golden trio paid tribute to Baryard Johnson, Peder Frederickson, Henrik von Eckermann, reserve Rolf-Goran Bengtsson and national team captain Henrik Ankarkrona.

“I miss the Swedish audience”

– I think we will feel the fans who were not in the stands here in Tokyo. It will be magical. We missed the Swedish fans,” says Baryard Johnson.

The Golden Trio won’t get anything for free in competitions led by the Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon.

Sports director Baryard Johnson has drawn other international stars to Solna, such as Britain’s Ben Maher and Scott Brash, Brazilian Marlon Modulo Zanotelli and American Jessica Springsteen.

– I thought Malin and I were friends and she’d fix a less powerful starting field, but I got it. We have to work hard to stay on top of the hit list, says world designer Fredrickson.

So many greetings

TT: Have you noticed in your relationship with fellow equestrians around the world that you broke a barrier in Tokyo?

We have received an incredible number of honors from so many people. Baryard Johnson says it’s something you carry with you for the rest of your life.

An Olympic gold medal is too big. You can win a big jackpot and two months later no one remembers it, says Fredrickson.

TT: What do you remember most from the decision in Tokyo?

I clear my memories When I am completely finished, I leave the study and see the decision. or look and see. The fear was mostly that we wouldn’t succeed. I remember telling Henrik, in a panic, that we at least have the silver. Fortunately, Bader was on the right track and didn’t hear him, Baryard Johnson says and laughs, he probably would have killed me.

– shouts Henrik, I’m afraid it will bother Peder. Everything is so strange, so terrible.

– What I remember is the area right before we walked on the track. These are great memories and horrific memories.

– That feeling I had that it was about a hundred, and that a lot could go wrong. Now it’s just great feelings but right after that, I was completely empty and taken in because I was feeling so many different feelings.

I also think that the next team that goes to the Olympics wants to be just as good. Many who have seen it on TV, like young people, are inspiring. With the Olympics, Fredrickson says, you can reach out to scale and we might have a lot of interest.

The Golden Team in Tokyo in August.

The Golden Team in Tokyo in August.

Photo: Pontus Lundal/TT

Facts: The starting field for jumping into the buddy square

Belgium: Nicolas Philiberts, Olivier Philiberts, Abdelsaid

Brazil: Marlon Modulo Zanotelli

UK: Scott Brach, Ben Maher

Greece: Aioli Mytileneo

Netherlands: Harry Smulders

Sweden: Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli, Malin Baryard Johnson, Rolf-Goran Bengtsson, Jens Frederiksson, Peder Fredriksson, Evelina Tovik, Henrik von Eckermann, Stephanie Holmen.

USA: Lily Keenan, Jessica Springsteen.

Six classes have been scheduled and the heaviest sporting class is the Swedish Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon.