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Nintendo won't confirm any new hardware this year, according to analysis

Nintendo won’t confirm any new hardware this year, according to analysis

Instead, they aim to hit the Switch’s sales target.

The Nintendo Switch turned five this spring, though, at times, Constant rumors He has a “Switch Pro” not met. We and Nintendo are supposed to have their eye on a potential sequel, and Nintendo has been open about it as well. Concerned about the switching of the switch.

But this will not happen in the near future. Regarding Nintendo’s commitment to a quarterly report stating 111 million Switches were sold (but slower sales, due to a lack of components), an analysis from Nikki (Across VGC). According to their survey, Nintendo will No new device confirmed this year.. They analyzed the quarterly report and believe that Nintendo is focusing more on hitting sales targets than putting effort into new hardware.

Shuntaro Furukawa, CEO of Nintendo, suggests to the publication that it’s a tough enough goal.

Usually, we stock up in the summer in preparation for the year-end sales season, which is at its peak. This summer, we couldn’t produce as much as usual.

The goal is to sell 21 million during the fiscal year, and after the first quarter, approximately 17.5 million remain. Earlier this year, Nintendo also said that the Switch is only middle-aged, so many years left. definitely testify (also) that “Switch 2” is out of reach.

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