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Huge iPhone 14 leak |  cell phone

Huge iPhone 14 leak | cell phone

It’s possible that Apple won’t unveil its iPhone 14 models until sometime in mid-September, but that doesn’t stop the information from leaking. Now leaker McGuire Wood has released a lot of information about the upcoming models.

According to the leak, there will be slightly different colors to choose from depending on the regular and Pro models. The regular iPhones are said to come in green, purple, blue, black, white, and red, while the Pro models get a choice of purple, green, silver, gold, and gray.

As for the amount of storage space, there will be no differences compared to the iPhone 13, that is, the space starts at 128 GB and stops at 512 GB for regular phones while the Pro models continue up to a terabyte. There have been rumors that there will be different types of memory in the Pro and regular models, but that’s not something the leak is addressing.

The Pro models of the iPhone 14 are said to have a so-called always-on function, which means the screen doesn’t turn off completely but can bring up the lock screen and its widgets all the time. It reminds us a lot of how the functionality works on the Apple Watch. However, it is not a function that will be activated by default, but the user has to go into it and activate it himself. The screens will also be protected by Gorilla Glass Victus, while the chassis will use the same materials as last year’s models. According to Wood, Apple was supposed to investigate the possibility of using a titanium chassis, but it was very difficult to work with.

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The screens will have a “hole” for the front camera and will use the same Face ID as before, but it looks like there will be some “fun software changes” in the future, but what that might be going on isn’t clear.

Internally, above all, the Pro versions will be designed a little differently on the inside, including a better cooling system and the use of the new A16 Bionic circuit, which is said to be based on the same 5nm technology as the previous A15 circuits. Previously there were rumors that only the Pro versions would get the A16 Bionic, and Wood mentions the Pro models regarding the A16 Bionic, but it’s not clear if the new A16 will come for all models or not.

When it comes to charging, Wood mentions that all models will charge up to 30W, which is 10W more than the 13 models. However, Wood also claims that later, in the iOS 16.5 update, they will get support for wireless charging. The reverse, that is, the mobile phone can act as a wireless charger for other accessories.

However, there will be no changes to Magsafe chargers this year, but it will remain at 15W.