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Nick has three wives – looking for a fourth |  the world

Nick has three wives – looking for a fourth | the world

Nick with his three wives.

Photo: Instagram

TLC's new reality series “Seeking Sisters Wife” has created a sensation in America.

On the show you can follow Nick Davis and his three wives Jennifer, 24, April, 36, and Danielle, 22, as they search for another wife.

Nick Davis, who is fully supported by his wives, has previously spoken about his own family constellation.

– A king shouldn't do too much. Queens are the ones who have the power, he previously told the Mirror.

In one of the latest episodes, viewers get to follow the journey into the family bedroom.

There, the polygamous foursome shows off the huge bed, which they bought from a basketball player for the Denver Nuggets NBA team.

big one

The bed is 365 cm wide, says April Daily newspaper.

According to Nick, it is unusual for polyamorous couples to sleep in the same bed. But it's something they do.

– That's how we like to do it. We don't want to split time with Nick, April says.

Nick Davis also reveals that they have a private room, sparsely furnished, designated for sexual activities only.

The wives are quite unhappy that Nick called the room the “Boom Boom Room.”

– Danielle wants to call it the “intimate room,” says Jennifer according to Dagbladet.

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