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NHL promotion found the right: "Better Self-Confidence"

NHL promotion found the right: “Better Self-Confidence”

Marcus Sorensen Finally Takes It Into the Restroom.

© Photo: Simon Hastegård / Bildbyrån
Marcus Sorensen Finally Takes It Into the Restroom.

Marcus Sorensen has had a head start at the World Cup and has jumped a lot on the chains.

Now, however, the NHL striker appears to have found the right side next to the Kempe brothers when he lost 3 points to Sörensen against Great Britain.

Of course, it will be a little easier, if you do experience a situation again, you will have better self-esteem and self-confidence, says the 29-year-old.

Tre Kronor has two matches left in the World Cup group stage, with Slovakia and Russia facing the opponents.

Then he enters the team with a good feeling after the victory over Great Britain last Friday. A specific player who will be boosted in tonight’s match against Slovakia is Marcus Sorensen.

The striker, who was picked from the San Jose Sharks, was without goals in the first four matches of the World Cup, but against Great Britain he scored goals and two assists.

It’s always good to score goals but the most important thing to take with you from there is that we won. Of course, it would be a little easier. If you get back into the situation again, you will have better self-esteem and self-confidence, says Soren at the press conference on Sunday.

One of the differences before the match against Great Britain was that Marcus Sorensen was with the brothers Adrian And the Mario Kimbe.

– First of all, it felt so good. We made a lot and had to score two important goals. It felt relieved, we are challenging the defense all the time and the three can defeat their old men. I felt so good the last time.

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Sörensen previously had to jump a lot in chains and really didn’t have a permanent spot on Tre Kronor. Now, however, he appears to have found mates in the series.

Do you feel you’ve found the right streak now because it’s something to keep going?

– Well I do not know. We only played one game together but it was very good. We have to play this way in every game. We have to be threatening to move forward at all times but also lagging behind, but it takes a lot of work effort for us as well. Sure, it was a good first game but something to build on. It could still get better.

Marcus Sorensen flicked with the Kimby brothers.

© Photo: Simon Hastegård / Bildbyrån
Marcus Sorensen flicked with the Kimby brothers.

Marcus Sorensen flicked with the Kimby brothers. Photo: Simon Hastegård / Bildbyrån

“He will play our best hockey game in the tournament”

Consequently, Sweden’s opposition on Sunday is Slovakia and has so far surprised the World Cup by winning four of five matches, including against gold favorites Russia, thus leading Group A.

I haven’t watched many of the matches they played. You know five with (Peter) Sihalarik And the (Marek, Hrevek. There are two good players and the fifth will be good offensively. Marcus Sorensen says it is a good team to meet with, so we have to work harder than them and then we have the top scorer to determine these matches.

League captain Johann GarpenlovHowever, you have better control over the resistance.

We meet a team that won four matches, who has good self-confidence and a “leading streak” that produces and plays hockey really well. There will be good resistance today.

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– I have seen all of their matches. We know what awaits us tonight. Now it’s about putting it into our game, that we make a good match based on how we play. Then we have to have a watch on a chain there running this team, and we have to be careful with that when they’re on the ice.

For us, it is about being “specific” and playing the best hockey tournament, as a team but also individually. Because the players get the best results on a personal level in their efforts, we can do it as a team, and we have a great chance to win the match.

Garbin believes there are positive emotions in the team before the match that should be won.

– I had a positive feeling when we now have the warm-up. If we can now measure something based on the warm-up of the match, it looks good tonight, but you’ve had a few matches and a few tournaments now so you know you can’t measure it that way.

– It is a positive feeling in the group. Everyone understands what the match means. We believe we are on the right track as a group and play better as a team. If we start and get a good start and then can go forward, we have a good chance of winning the game.

Johann Garpenlov.

© Photo: Simon Hastegård / Bildbyrån
Johann Garpenlov.

Johann Garpenlov. Photo: Simon Hastegård / Bildbyrån

“These are the matches you love to play.”

For Tre Kronor, this is a pressure to deliver so that the Hockey World Cup does not end with an already botched train in the group stage. According to Marcus Sorensen, the pressure inside the group is greater than from outside.

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– You obviously feel the press. We know ourselves that we have to win, it is to win or lose. I think journalism comes more from the inside than it comes from outside, at least on my part.

– I keep the most pressure on myself. Then everyone thinks and thinks then how it goes. But the pressure is coming from himself, everyone wants to play well. Just keep calm for as long as possible and once we release the tablet, we will likely have a lot of energy in there.

Two major matches remain for Sweden as victories are needed against both Slovakia and the Russian national team. This is the situation Marcus Sorensen is delighted with.

– Funny, we have to win two games. You love to play games like this, matches mean a lot. It’s really just to get out and drive, at full speed from the landing, he says.

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