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News in Android 12 beta 3: Scrolling screenshots and icon themes

News in Android 12 beta 3: Scrolling screenshots and icon themes

The third beta has brought Android 12 a real step closer to being completed. The update contains several news of the larger kind, including that Android has finally received support for swiping screenshots.

The new beta also improves on the new system-wide themes feature, which now includes icons.

scroll shots

Many manufacturers have long offered the opportunity to capture more than what is currently on display. Now the same feature is integrated into Android. After taking a screenshot, a button called “Capture More” appears, which means that the image also includes what is below. The range is easily selected by simply extending the selection.

Oddly enough, scrollable screenshots can’t be used for websites, something that Google suggests will be fixed before the Android 12 stunt.

friends icon

This rumor turned out to be true, as Android 12 allows users to change icon themes. When the theme is changed, the icons get a simple and monochrome design, with the background color taken from the theme. The theme is applied to the home screen only and not for applause.

However, for now, these icon themes only work with Google’s own icons. Hopefully, Google will provide a way for developers to support the feature. Even if this is the case, it will probably take some time before most popular apps update their icons, if now Google can’t bring the icons back automatically.

Theme function settings

One of the biggest news in Android 12 is the theme feature that automatically colors the system based on the current background colors. The mod is also intended to be rolled out to third-party apps in the future, provided they add support.

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In the third beta version, the function of the theme was given settings. You can choose from four different color combinations taken from the background, as well as among the “Standard Colors”. The colors look a bit more distinct and crisp than they did in the previous beta.

New settings design (without colored icons)

Faster screen rotation

Screen rotation animations have been improved and the delay during auto-rotation has been reduced by 25 percent. In other words, for those who use automatic screen rotation, the rotation will be faster.

Android can also use the front camera to determine if the screen should be rotated, which can be useful for example if the user is lying down. Camera images are not stored and never leave the device. The feature is optional and comes with the Google Pixel 4 and later models in the series.

New search engine for local contentحتوى

The third beta includes a search engine to search locally in apps, called “AppSearch”. It remains to be seen exactly what this means and how it will behave for users, as Google targets developers when describing the feature.

With Beta 3, we’re highlighting platform support for AppSearch, a new high-performance on-device search engine. With AppSearch, applications can index and search structured data with built-in full-text search capabilities, and can use native features such as highly efficient indexing and retrieval, multilingual support, and fit order.


  • The swipe gesture can now be disabled to activate the Google Assistant, probably because Google now prefers to use the power button to start the assistant.
  • Wi-Fi can now be turned off directly from the new Internet menu, which partially fixes us previous objection.
  • The ability to change the status bar and notification menu icons is gone.
  • Something called “Live Space” will replace and develop the “Glance” widget in the Pixel Launcher, but the functionality hasn’t been activated yet.
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