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Call for comprehensive video encoding

Call for comprehensive video encoding

Amazon-owned Ring specializes in security and smart home products. Perhaps they are best known for it smart doorbells, but also has a range of surveillance cameras and alarm systems. Like many other smart home products, their doorbells and surveillance cameras can be connected to the Internet to stream photo and video content to a user’s phone, for example.

Camera surveillance cloud services are resilient but have security and privacy challenges. Earlier this spring, for example, Eufy users ran into a huge bug where they could Watch each other’s videos and materials. One way to make video streams more secure and reduce the risk of unauthorized viewers is to encrypt them, preferably with Butt to tipEncryption, which is one of the methods Ring has chosen to implement in one Major security update.

Users in the US have already tried this feature, but it is now also launching globally with two-step verification via SMS. This means that neither Ring nor any third party can see the encrypted video streams or recordings, and they will only be available to the user. The encryption is unlocked using a key stored locally in the mobile device chosen by the user for this purpose. end to endVideo encoding is something relatively little that large cloud-based monitoring services offer, but there is, among other things From Apple Homekit.

The two-step verification that was introduced will be mandatory for all users, but encryption is optional. However, Ring encrypts what is uploaded to their cloud servers automatically regardless. How to activate it and what devices are supported Ring . site.

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