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New world number one Peder Fredriksen - Skånesport

New world number one Peder Fredriksen – Skånesport

It’s been nine years since last. Now Sweden finally has a new world number one in the jump. His name is Peder Fredrickson.
– finally! I can’t believe it’s true. I’ve been close to that many times before. Right now, it’s looking incredibly cool, says Peder.

It was 2012 when Sweden was ranked number one in the world in jumping for all time. It was Rolf-Goran Bengtsson, and for ten months that year, he was named the best racer in the world. Since then, Sweden has not ranked first in the world. So far.
Peder Fredricson on several occasions took second place in the standings. In 2020, SVT broadcast the documentary Nr. 1 – With the aim of reaching the global summit that revolved around the hunting and investment of threshing floor to reach the first place in the ranking. The dream of being number one and investing in earnest really took shape in the fall of 2018 when Peder Skaplan visited and said, “If you were in the top ten, it would be strange if you weren’t aiming to be in the top ten.”
After recent crazy successes with Olympic silver, Olympic gold, European bronze and GP victories, the dream has finally come true.

Becoming number one in the world rankings is a goal I set a few years ago. It felt like climbing the highest mountain in the world and was close to the top several times, but I always fell again. So, it’s totally cool now to get to the top and set the flag, says Peder.
He dedicates success to his entire team.
It’s a very good feeling for me and for the whole team. Becoming number one in the rankings is something you have been working towards for a long time, as lots of competitions with many different horses are included for an entire year. Not only does it require you to have good horses, but you must have good horse owners, good grooms, and an entire team that works incredibly hard to achieve this success. That way, it’s going to be so much more than winning a big class at the weekend. I am so grateful for all the work my team did that made me stand here today. We celebrate this together.

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The current world ranking jumps 2021-09-30
1) Peder Frederiksson Sweden 3015 points
2) Daniel Deuser Germany 2790
3) Martin Fuchs, Switzerland 2718
4) Scott Brach 2510 UK
5) Marlon Modulo Zanotelli, Brazil 2480
6) Steve Jordanat Switzerland 2450
7) Bin Maher United Kingdom 2417
8) Henrik von Eckermann, Sverge 2405
9) Kent Farrington, USA 2383
10) Jerome Guerre, Belgian 2285

50) Malin Baryard Johnson, Sweden 1673
87) Douglas Lindelof, Sweden 1410