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New study: Low risk of binding between certain additives and positive test for Govit-19

New study: Low risk of binding between certain additives and positive test for Govit-19

From the onset of the infection, covid-19 can be prevented and treated with the help of various supplements. But there are no definitive answers yet.

In an effort to learn more, a research team from the United Kingdom, the United States and Sweden looked at data from more than 400,000 people, 27,373 of whom were Swedes. Data was downloaded from the Govt Symptoms study app and the study was published BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health.

Some gave additional results, others were not available

The results show an association between regular intake of probiotics, multivitamins, omega-3 or vitamin D and a lower risk of developing Govit-19 infection. Infection was diagnosed by PCR or antibody testing.

This association was not found in relation to vitamin C, zinc and garlic supplements.

Peter Bergman, a physician and researcher at the Karolinska Institutet Institute, is one of the most recently published researchers. Gallery Vitamin D has been shown to have a protective effect against other respiratory infections. He finds the new study interesting.

– This is a wonderful decision. It is important to note that there are restrictions, i.e., not all extras are good. Peter Bergman says this indicates that there is an algorithm that can explain this.

9-14 percent relative safety effect

Researchers collected data from the application on clinical status, dietary supplements and test results between May and July 2020.

Initially, the researchers analyzed data from 372,720 UK users. Among them, the greatest effect of probiotics was observed, followed by omega-3, multivitamin and vitamin D. The corresponding protective effect was 9-14 percent. In this particular set of data, the effect was seen only in women.

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– However, it cannot be said that food products protect against infection, but it is based on associations. It is already known that dietary supplements are very effective for people with risk groups or those diagnosed by a doctor. Peter Bergman says a healthy person is not healthy from extra ingredients.

Variation between countries

The researchers conducted the same analysis of data from 45,757 Americans, followed by 27,373 Swedes. In the American group, vitamin D had the greatest effect, followed by omega-3s, probiotics and multivitamins.

In the Swedish group, probiotics had the greatest effect, followed by multivitamins, vitamin D and omega-3. In these groups, no difference was found between women and men.

– Different foods in different groups may have different causes for different effects. Among other things, Peter Bergman says, we do not know what their nutritional status is from the beginning and the recommended doses vary from country to country.

“Data should speak for itself”

The researchers behind the study emphasize that the data are self-reported, that the groups were not randomly selected, that the nutritional status was unknown and that they had no access to quantities or ingredient lists. .

The study is funded by a health research organization and some researchers are affiliated with it.

– If the results are good it will benefit them. But at the same time, the data should speak for itself. Peter Bergman says this is a well-done and large study with data from three different countries, which puts the finger on further research.