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British church leaders warn of vaccination passport

British church leaders warn of vaccination passport

Nearly 1,400 Christian leaders in Britain oppose a plan to introduce vaccinated passports to access various locations and events. In an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, they warn that such an organization could lead to “medical racism” and a controlled society.


21 Posted 21:00, 19 April 2021

To re-open the community and reduce the demands for social exclusion, the British government is in favor of introducing what is known as the vaccine passport. But now Christian voices are being raised against the plan, according to The Guardian and Christian Today.

“The organization has the potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy, and the government is creating a monitoring position that uses technology to control certain aspects of citizens’ lives,” it said in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. So far it has been signed by 1,400 priests, pastors and leaders from various denominations.

Correspondents warn against “Medical racism” and “two-part community”. They fear that these plans will lead to a permanent state where the Govt vaccine status can be extended to include other types of medical treatments and criteria beyond.

“Like this, it is one of the most dangerous political projects ever in British history,” the leaders wrote, explaining that under no circumstances can they close the doors to individuals who do not have vaccines, negative test results or similar health certificates.

They say expelling “socially unwanted people” from church is a “fundamental betrayal” of Christ and the gospel. Leaders insist they will be “strongly opposed to any such parliamentary decision” and urge the government to take legal action if the plans go ahead.

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People can be Reluctant to get vaccinated for a variety of reasons, leaders point out. For some Christians, for example, it may be about ethical issues related to the production and testing of vaccines.

Those who have been vaccinated already have protection, and others say the reason is that they will not benefit from being vaccinated.

The letter concluded, “We urge the government to force and make it clear that this intolerant and dangerous project will not be considered now and never again.”

As such, it was one of the most dangerous political projects in British history.