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New details on the killing of Sarah Everard: "I did not attend"

New details on the killing of Sarah Everard: “I did not attend”

Sarah Everard, 33, disappeared in south London on her way home from a friend’s house. But she never came home. On Thursday, her body was handed over to the family for burial. Sentinel writes.

Meanwhile, new information is now coming in that Sarah’s friend Josh Loth, 33, reported the police first. She had not attended a business meeting and did not answer when he tried to reach her. This must be very different from Sarah, and then he became very anxious.

According to the newspaper, Police Detective Lee Tourette explained that the last evidence from Sarah was a phone call to her boyfriend on the evening of March 5.

He did not attend the meeting

We found she attended a dinner with a friend from college. I left this around 9 pm. I made a 15 minute phone call that ended on 21.27.

After that, Sarah was completely calm.

Sarah Everard, 33, called her boyfriend. Then there are no other effects of it.

picture: Metropolitan Police HANDOUT / EPA / TT / EPA TT NEWS AGENCY

– There was no presence on social media, and she did not attend a meeting at work the next day, which was not like her. The friend got worried, called the police and reported her missing.

Sarah Everard was last seen alive near Clapham Commons in South London. Her human remains were later found in Kent in southwest England, and Officer Wayne Cousins ​​is being held in custody on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. The 48-year-old Cousins ​​is expected to stand trial in late October.

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Since 33-year-old Sarah Everard was found dead, the mood in Britain has been disturbed. London Police received heavy criticism for their harsh intervention during the Sarah Memorial moment, and demands were made for the resignation of Police Chief Cressida Dick.

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