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Navalny's criticism of Putin: 'disingenuous villain'

Navalny’s criticism of Putin: ‘disingenuous villain’

Both the United States and NATO have responded to Russia’s preparations to invade Ukraine in recent months.

In Russia, opposition leader Alexei Navalny was imprisoned. He has been called “the man who fears Putin the most”.

In an interview with the newspaper time He gives his opinion on the troubled situation. By exchanging letters with the newspaper from his imprisonment, he said that Russia had managed to deceive the West “over and over again”:

– Instead of ignoring this nonsense, the US accepts Putin’s agenda and tries to organize some kind of meeting. Just like a schoolboy who was bullied by someone in the top grade.

Navalny sees threatening escalation, negotiation, and then withdrawing as a recurring strategy on Russia’s part. He compares the tactics to something taken from fiction:

When I see it, I don’t feel American foreign policy but that short story that O. Henry. About a devious villain (Putin) who tricks a village idiot (US State Department) into thinking he’s too clever.

“Don’t happen to say the wrong words”

Russia urged the West to stop militarizing Ukraine. It is said that instead of Ukraine who was planning an attack on Russia, which was rejected by the Ukrainian ambassador to Sweden.

The Russian opposition leader is imprisoned in Russia and describes his life briefly as “a prison in a prison”. He says that in his circle there are thirteen men, one of whom is allowed to talk to him.

The rest may only communicate with single words such as yes or no. They are usually silent so as not to accidentally utter the wrong word. It’s video monitored and the guards only talk to me when they know the call is being filmed.

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It became world news when the opposition leader was poisoned in August 2020 during a flight from Siberia to Moscow. Many laboratories were later able to confirm That the Soviet neurotoxin Novetjok was used.

In January 2021, Navalny returned to Russia from Germany. He was arrested by the police during passport control and accused of violating suspended prison sentences. He was later sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

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He has been described as the man Putin fears most. But who is Alexei Navalny? Photo: TT