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Germany's navy chief resigns after statement on Putin

Germany’s navy chief resigns after statement on Putin

Vice Admiral Kai Achim Schoenbach received stinging criticism after saying that President Putin deserves respect and that Kiev will not take back Crimea from Moscow. A statement made by Schoenbach during his visit to India.

On Putin at Schoenbach: “What he really wants is respect in equal measure. And – oh my God – showing respect to someone costs almost nothing. If someone asked me, my answer would be: It is easy to give him the respect he demands – which he probably deserves.”

The statement on Crimea contradicted Germany’s position on this issue.

The naval chief’s statement prompted Ukraine to summon Germany’s ambassador to Kiev, Anka Veldusen, to protest, prompting German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht to distance herself from the statement.

The two statements were Finally, on Saturday night, Schoenbach asked Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht to relieve her of her duties immediately.

The Navy chief also said he wanted to see Russia as a partner against China because Russia is a Christian country, he writes woman.

“We, India and Germany, need Russia because we need Russia against China,” Schoenbach said during his visit to India, adding:

“Putin being an atheist doesn’t matter.”

Schoenbach himself has He described himself as a “very radical Roman Catholic Christian”.

Schoenbach was replaced by Admiral Jan Christian Kac.

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