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Navalny cautions: near renal failure

Navalny cautions: near renal failure

Alexei Navalny. The photo was taken during his trial at the end of February.picture: Alexander Zimlianchenko

Russian regime critic Alexei Navalny faces the risk of developing kidney failure and deteriorating eyesight, according to a medical association linked to the opposition in Russia, I read documents on Navalny’s health from his lawyer.

The situation is really critical, says Alexandra Zakharova of the Medical Association.

We’ve seen the test results, and they’re really bad, she says.

Navalny began his hunger strike on March 31 when he felt he was not getting the care he needed for severe back and leg pain. For its part, the prison administration claims that he did not wish to receive the care that was offered to him.

He has high potassium levels and other results are showing that his kidneys may soon give up, Zakharova says.

In the long term, she says, it can lead to cardiac arrest.

Navalny returned to Russia on January 17 after being treated in Germany for poisoning with the neurotoxin Novitjok. He was arrested at the airport and subsequently sentenced to prison on the grounds that he violated his duty to attend while in hospital in Germany.

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