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NATO Secretary General warns of 1,000 nuclear weapons – “I have never seen anything like this before”

NATO Secretary General warns of 1,000 nuclear weapons – “I have never seen anything like this before”

It will be introduced in 2026 and will be a physical plastic card.

– You place the card on the phone, and it is read wirelessly. This means it will be easier to help, for example, your old mother, Lotta Hämäläinen, an administrator at Digg, told SR Ekot.

Now another identity message reaches the Swedish people.

A proposal for a digital ID wallet must be prepared at the government office.

Civil Affairs Minister Erik Slottner (KD) will announce this on Monday.

– For example, it will be possible to use driver's licenses, passports and educational certificates securely in the digital wallet.

– Instead of having the driver's license in the wallet in the back pocket, it will be possible to keep it in the mobile phone. The minister said that the government welcomes the final report of the investigation and the proposals presented.

First time ever

The Government announcement means that for the first time ever it will be possible to download your driving license digitally. In this way, Sweden follows the other Nordic countries. In Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, it has now been possible for a few years to download your driving license to your mobile phone and leave the physical card at home.

It is not clear when a digital driving license will be introduced in Sweden, but the government has stated that a proposal for a digital identity wallet is in the “final report”.

Multiple functions

The notice on the digital driving license is part of the EU Commission's proposal to amend the so-called eIDAS Regulation. The proposal entails, among other things, that each member state should issue a European digital identity wallet.

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A digital identity wallet should be usable in several situations, for example:

– Using public services, for example. Obtain an identity card and medical certificate or report a change of address

– Open a bank account

– Submit your income declaration

– Applying to universities and colleges in the home country or in another EU country

– Save prescriptions that can be used in another EU country

– Confirm their ages

– Rent a car using a digital driving license

– Check-in at a hotel.

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