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Nationwide collaboration for Swexit

The number of opponents of Sweden’s membership in the European Union is increasing. SwexitkoalitionenFormerly known as the Swexit Party, other parties with Swexit on the agenda have called for nationwide cooperation to hold a referendum on EU membership.

Compilation of the neutral organized web platform It appears that the number of committed opponents from the European Union in Sweden is increasing. This is also in line with the latest poll by Statistics Sweden on Swedish sympathy for the European Union and the euro (November 2020). Today, 42.7%, about 3.2 million voters, are either against or unsure of Sweden’s membership in the European Union. Opposition to Sweden’s membership in the European Union increased last summer, when the European Union demanded that, in addition to increasing membership fees, Sweden is now responsible for an additional SEK 150 billion in the grant package largely intended to distribute to entrepreneurs, in the first place. The first is in southern and eastern Europe.

In Brussels, it is known that the Swedes are the ones who give up when the institution of the European Union demands more money and power. Despite the fact that all parliamentary parties were from the start against this massive support package and that the chest notes of our like-minded government were loud, representatives of the Swedish government surrendered with conviction when the EU summit decided on this issue last summer.Ulf Strom, chairman of the board, says, Swexitkoalitionen.

At the same time, Sweden has opened its doors to the introduction of federal taxes in the European Union, in addition to municipal, county council and state taxes. This is above all to save the crisis economies in southern Europe and thus the euro. Monetary cooperation Sweden previously chose to stand abroad.

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– It is appalling that Swedish politicians are now betraying their previous promises and their voters because of something that cannot be explained as anything else that is a pure and simple fear of conflict, Ulf Strom continues.

The European Union we see today is not the same as the one we voted for in 1994. What we voted for is increased trade and work with other EU members for a stronger Europe. This did not happen. What has happened since then is that the European Union has instead evolved from a trade union into a transport and debt union.

In Sweden, we now see how rape is falling from the walls of our schools, how the number of poor retirees increases, child poverty spreads, failed elderly care, rampant crime, thousands of Swedish companies are at risk of death and hundreds of thousands of risks are unemployed. The claim in this situation that we Swedish taxpayers should donate 100 billion kronor to be distributed as grants to entrepreneurs and enterprises in other parts of Europe to save the economies of these previously mismanaged countries is undoubtedly troubling. Now it is more important than ever to say stopAs Ulf Strom says.

None of the current parliamentary parties has pushed for a referendum on Sweden’s membership in the European Union. Some of these are critical of the European Union, but do not dare challenge the institution of the European Union by allowing the Swedish people to decide on Sweden’s continued membership in the European Union.

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It must of course be in the interest of politicians to be able to verify the mandate given to them by the Swedish people on the issue of the European Union in general and when it comes to packages of support, that is, Sweden’s contribution of a billion dollars in Eastern and Southern Europe in particular. The alternative is that they will be held accountable to future generations who will have to clean up on this and also have to pay for the party, Says Ulf Strom.

The formation of the public opinion required to hold a referendum on this issue requires significant resources and today no party has the strength to operate this alone.

We believe that the majority of voters will oppose continuing membership after a realistic and fact-oriented discussion on this topic. Nothing has happened since Sweden voted “no” for the euro in the referendum in 2003. So the Swexit Alliance calls on parties and organizations with a referendum on Sweden’s EU membership on the agenda for nationwide cooperation to make it happen together. Ulf Strom concludes

For more information, contact:

Ulf Strom, Chairman of the Board
Phone: 0733-24 82 90
Email: [email protected] works with Sweden to leave the European Union and instead be a continuous part of the EU’s internal market through bilateral agreements in the same way as Norway, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Switzerland. The party is so cross-political that on other political issues it supports all other parliamentary parties according to a new and unique model of parliamentary cooperation (reference

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