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NASA's new telescope reveals its golden eye - to capture the secrets of space

NASA’s new telescope reveals its golden eye – to capture the secrets of space

A new telescope has been launched into space, and NASA can now begin to look at the universe when the James Webb Telescope’s “golden eye” is installed.

NASA’s new space telescope has passed the last, crucial and challenging step to hit space and thrive.

The James Webb Telescope revealed the huge flower-shaped mirror on Saturday, the mirror that will attempt to capture the secrets of space and what researchers call the Golden Eye.

– I’m emotionally taken. He was a wonderful teacher. He says we see his beautiful patterns in space Thomas Zurbrochen Who is the head of research flights for NASA?

The telescope with a 6.5-meter reflector flower flap had to be folded so that it could be carried into space using the rocket, which was launched from South America two weeks ago.

Development of the mirror began from Air Traffic Control in Baltimore on Friday, when the left-hand side was opened.

accurate weight

On Saturday, the right side of the mirror was folded outward, like a folding table according to Japanese origami.

Previously, sunscreen, the size of a tennis court, was developed over two days.

James Webb, named after a former NASA chief, will replace the Hubble Space Telescope, but unlike its predecessor, it won’t be in orbit around the Earth – but around the Sun.

the origin of the universe

The new telescope will be parked in an orbit of 1.5 million km from Earth.

The telescope is powerful with observations in a much larger portion of the infrared light spectrum than its predecessor, Hubble. The accuracy will be higher, so researchers can look forward to new information about the first stars and galaxies.

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