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Dragon Age 4 focuses on the single player and "important choices"

Dragon Age 4 focuses on the single player and “important choices”

Bioware CEO Gary McKay looks forward and backward.

Bioware shed two of its chief executive officers in 2020, and Gary McKay took over as general manager, first temporarily and then permanently. He promised it Restores The glory of the former studio, and in a new version trusses Take a look at last year and what will happen to Bioware.

McKay says he is very happy with the reception Legendary Edition Mass Effect It was received when it was released. Moreover, he is looking forward to Star Wars The Old Republicexpansion Sith Legacy, but the heavier artillery of course is the coming parts of Dragon AgeAnd mass effectseries.

He says he’s seen great work from both teams (although he also has to say), and also notes that the group of veteran developers he works with Dragon Age Focuses on the “single player experience built on the choices that matter.”

Bioware has been very keen to point out the game’s single-player focus lately, after reports that it was initially intended to focus on multiplayer and perhaps especially in light of the failure that has occurred. National anthem.

Did you forget what the game trailer looks like? Then you will find it here. We hope to have more material to enjoy in the not too distant future, like EA lovable They will tell more about it this year.

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