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Mysterious inaccessible arena at Elden Ring gossip about pvp-dlc

Mysterious inaccessible arena at Elden Ring gossip about pvp-dlc

Have you seen the game Colosseum?

It is, of course, about exploration, elden ring. To experience and discover at your own pace the myriad of places and strange creatures that inhabit the melancholy world. But of course it’s also about knowing what happens next (and for some also about going beyond the limits set by the developer).

Northeast of the game start area, for example, a large building that no one entered. It looks like a Roman square, the Colosseum, with one miserable figure in front of the one who just says vaguely:

All I wanted was to fight. To fight, as a warrior, in the end. so why? Why Hoda grace does not open this door?

The Internet as usual, and one of all the detectives in the investigative offices is Lance MacDonald. He must have been able to record a video from inside the building (no one should be able to enter it). Thanks to this, many have come to the conclusion that this is an area accessible via dlc, and that it should have PvP functions. It really makes sense. yard. Galdiatorspiel. do you see.

Do you have tips on other obscure areas that need an army of cyber investigators, ready to mine data or maneuver flaws? crossed out is.

Thanks PCG for the tip.

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