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Apple's new studio monitor works with Windows

Apple’s new studio monitor works with Windows

Earlier this week, Apple launched the new Studio Display. For the sake of rarity, the company has also officially announced that the new monitor is not related to Mac OS but also works in Windows. the edge I spoke with Apple who confirmed that the new screen will work with Windows but with a number of limitations. The reason The Verge contacted Apple from the start was because people doubted that the screen would work properly with non-Apple devices, especially given the built-in webcam.

Apple states that the camera will work like any USB camera under Windows, but features like Center Stage won’t be available outside of Mac OS. Other Mac OS features like Spatial Audio and Siri also won’t work if the computer it’s connected to is running Windows. Another problem, maybe a little less, is that FirmwareUpgrades can only be done with a Mac. In other words, if you don’t have access to a Mac, it will be difficult to install updates to the screen.

The Verge also notes limitations when it comes to the graphics card that will power the Apple Studio Display, as not all graphics cards or integrated graphics circuits can power a 5K display via Thunderbolt or USB Type-C.

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