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Musk exchanged words about rescuing German immigrants

Musk exchanged words about rescuing German immigrants

Musk, who previously owned Twitter, published a post on the social media platform that included a video showing migrants and aid workers on a boat.

It’s a post from another X account that Musk shared. She says volunteer organizations with boats “collecting” migrants in the Mediterranean receive financial support from the German government. According to the post, the migrants are then unloaded in Italy.

The post also expressed hope that the far-right Alternative for Germany (AFD) party would win the elections. Next week, two state elections will be held in Germany.

“Is the public in Germany aware of this?” Elon Musk wrote in a comment on his shared post.

The German Foreign Ministry responds to X and writes: “Yes. This is called saving lives.”

Musk continues the dialogue by writing that he doubts whether a majority of the public in Germany supports the German position, writing that it is “definitely” a violation of Italy’s sovereignty.

The exchange of words comes at the same time that the issue of immigration has become at the top of the political agenda in Europe. In several places in Germany, asylum centers sounded the alarm about running out of beds, after 220,000 people applied for asylum in Germany between January and August of this year. This number can be compared to the entire year 2022, when 240,000 people applied for asylum.