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Municipal Council Decision May 2022 |  Home page Örnsköldsvik |  web 7

Municipal Council Decision May 2022 | Home page Örnsköldsvik | web 7

Full documents can be found on the page Meeting documents and minutes.

The solar collector in the rock room is not suitable
The municipal council proposes rejecting the citizens’ proposal to collect solar energy to store hot water in the rocky cave of the former oil port. The tanks mentioned in the offer are leased until the end of 2025 with an option until 2039. It is also a pity to store water in iron tanks if they are not closed.

Column bridge there is no alternative
The city council is proposing that the council reject a citizen’s proposal to influence the Swedish Transport Administration to build a vertical bridge over the city rather than an underground tunnel. The municipality has long pushed the issue of locating the E4 outside the city and the municipal council points to the Swedish Transport Administration’s feasibility study from 2013 showing that the most appropriate solution is the tunnel.

Free period protection at school
Örnsköldsvik municipality will provide free menstrual protection for primary and secondary school students, as proposed by the municipal council following a proposal by Erika Hawcroft (Q) and Fırat Kandemir (Q). Girls and young women should not experience taboos regarding menstruation or that it means restricting freedom and daily life.

Suggest an inquiry about purchasing alternative foods
Örnsköldsvik municipality will investigate alternative food purchases, the municipal council suggests following a proposal by Bruno Bystrom (C) and Henrik Haglund (C). This includes how the municipality under the existing procurement rules can make purchases that result in local products in public kitchens. Already today, the municipality aims to increase the proportion of organic and locally produced raw materials, which is achieved, among other things, by dividing the procurement into several different parts and through a new dynamic procurement system to be able to make dynamic purchases based on harvest seasons or slaughter periods . The municipality proposes to reject the motion of the proposal to give priority to local production due to the fact that, according to the law, no anti-competitive measures may be taken.

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Termination of agreements with Russia-related companies
Örnsköldsvik Municipality has investigated whether the municipality has cooperation and agreements with Russia. As a result, the municipality terminates the agreement with Berendsen which includes the washing and distribution of work clothes. Berendsen is linked to Russia via owner Elis and states that Elis does not intend to discontinue its operations in Russia as long as there are no increased sanctions from the EU, USA, Canada or UK. The value of the agreement last year amounted to 54,286 Swedish crowns.

Continuing membership in the biofuel area
Örnsköldsvik Municipality will continue to be a member of the Biofuel District during 2022-2023 and co-finance SEK 235,000 annually. BFR collaborates with members and regional actors in the four northern counties of Sweden to contribute to a fossil-free vehicle fleet and a dynamically developed economy in northern Sweden. The organization is not-for-profit and collaborates with the public sector, business and academia in research and development.