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Fennia 22 Award: The Honorable National Patent and Registration Board mentions two companies - Patentti

Fennia 22 Award: The Honorable National Patent and Registration Board mentions two companies – Patentti

In the Fennia Prize 22 design competition, the National Patent and Registration Board (PRS) awarded an honorable mention and a prize of €5,000 for the successful use of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). This time the IPR Excellence Award was awarded to two companies: Genelec Oy and Mysoda Oy.

jinlik oy

Industrial design has been important to Genelec Amplifiers for more than 20 years. The company uses design strategically in its operations. In audio products such as amplifiers, shape is important in terms of appearance but also performance and sound quality.

Genelec has protected the design of its loudspeakers with design rights. Genelec also owns dozens of registered trademarks in different parts of the world. In addition, the company has received patents for several technical solutions related to headphones and sound reproduction.

Misuda Oi

Design plays a central role in Mysoda’s operations, which can be seen in the company’s products. Mysoda wanted to design a CO2 machine that was both organic and beautiful. The carbon dioxide machine of the company Mysoda Woody is suitable for kitchens as a technical device and also as an interior element.

Mysoda Woody design is protected by a valid design registration in the European Union, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland. The Mysoda brand is registered in Finland and Europe in the most important brands of the company.

Vienna Award

The Fennia Prize is one of the most important design competitions in Finland. The design competition is organized by Design Forum Finland and Fennia with the National Patent and Registration Board and Elo Corporation. The Fennia Prize rewards companies and organizations that use design strategically in their business operations.

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The Fennia 22 Prize is part of the Finnish Design Forum Awards. The Finnish Design Forum Awards exhibition opens at Glasshouse Helsinki from 5 to 28 May 2022.

More information and presentations for all award-winning entries are available in Finnish

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