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MS treatment has given an increased long-term quality of life in studies

MS treatment has given an increased long-term quality of life in studies

Treatment with Mavenclad increased quality of life after one year of treatment instead of two, and the effect was long-lasting, according to data from two phase IV studies.

Mafenclad (Cladribin), taken as tablets, attacks lymphocytes that are thought to be critical to disease progression in multiple sclerosis. This is a short treatment and then it has a long effect after the treatment itself.

At an MS conference, Ectrim recently presented Merck . data From the ongoing Phase IV study, which showed improvement in both physical and mental health in 426 patients with relapsing-remitting MS after one year of approved treatment for two years.

At the same time, data from another Phase IV study, which examines the long-term effect in 435 people with relapsing-remitting MS, are also reported. Of these, 90 percent were treated with cladribine tablets in previous double-blind, randomized, phase III studies.

The median follow-up in the study was 10.9 years and just over half (55.8 percent) of those who received cladribine tablets did not require further treatment.

It is a huge step forward that today in additional studies we can confirm the effect of Mavenclad. The same mechanism of action spoke in favor of this finding, and now in two different studies we can show the increased quality of life and the long-term effect, he says. Anders WeslauMerck CEO, in a press release.

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