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More than 70 delegates oppose the health passport

More than 70 British delegates from across the political spectrum on Friday expressed their opposition to the creation of a “discriminatory” health passport in the United Kingdom, and the government plans to reopen services, bars and shows after imprisonment.

“We oppose the segregation and indiscriminate use of Govt status certificates to deny people access to public services, businesses or jobs,” said Jeremy, one of these delegates, a leading conservative and former Labor opposition leader.

Such a passport, which shows that a person has been vaccinated and has no Covit-19 or antibodies, will be tested at sports or music events in the coming weeks, the Daily Telegraph reported.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that certificates would play a “role” after vaccinating adults, but a final decision had not yet been made, according to a government spokesman.

For its part, the European Union issued a draft certificate in March, requested by countries that rely heavily on tourism such as Greece, with the aim of facilitating travel in their territory for the summer.

In Denmark, a health certificate will allow you to go to the hairdresser in April and then to restaurants in May.

In the United Kingdom, the saddest country in Europe with nearly 127,000 deaths, more than 31 million people, more than half of adults, have already received the first dose of the anticoagulant vaccine.

Source: AFP