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MoFi is being sued for fraud.  Their vinyl reissue was not analog.

MoFi is being sued for fraud. Their vinyl reissue was not analog.

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has always been considered one of the best when it comes to making really good re-releases of old classic records on vinyl. But recently, there has been a small scandal in the world of acoustics, as it was revealed that discs from MoFi did not use analog technologies throughout the series, which many hi-fi enthusiasts prefer to get as close to the original source as possible. It is an analog. Of course, this does not mean that the discs are necessarily of lower quality, but when the company promises that the process is analog and does not, it is still understood that there will be some sour faces. MoFi is said to have been using Direct Stream Technology (DSD 256) since 2011 for nearly all of its newly released vinyl records.

It is now being sued by customers who allege the company wrongly marketed its products to consumers by using digital mastery in its production chain, despite saying it did not.

In the link below, you can read MoFi’s response to the controversy.

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