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Mission: Abbas will cancel the Palestinian elections in May

Mission: Abbas will cancel the Palestinian elections in May

This is what a reliable source in government offices in Ramallah told DN. The final decision will be made on Thursday when the ruling Fatah party meets.

Abbas will be cited as the reason for his decision that Israel has banned the Palestinians from East Jerusalem. But few Palestinians question the real cause: the Islamist movement Hamas and two separate lists of the president’s own party, Fatah, will do better than Abbas’s official Fatah list, according to opinion polls.

HamasWhich won 40% of the vote in the last parliamentary elections in 2006, is calling on Abbas to allow the elections to take place as planned, and “not to use Israel as an excuse.”

Abbas cut short his promise to hold elections this summer, before Donald Trump’s “peace plan” became irrelevant and before Israel abandoned its plans to annex parts of the West Bank. His closest approach warned him at the time that free elections would have dire consequences for the president, whose regime is less popular than ever.

One of Abbas’s closest confidantsHussein al-Sheikh reportedly traveled to Qatar to seek help in persuading Hamas to reassure its supporters when news of the canceled elections comes. Qatar, with a monthly grant of $ 25 million, pays a large portion of the public sector in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

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