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Millions of damages to Chinese television channel after Qi Minhai's forced confessions

Millions of damages to Chinese television channel after Qi Minhai’s forced confessions

Before This year Ofcom, the British television controller who holds the broadcasting license of the Chinese television channel CGTN (China Global Television Network) in the United Kingdom, is not responsible for editorial content. It is now pursuing further sanctions in the form of fines due to three lawsuits Compulsory confession Produced by Hong Kong resident Simon Cheng and Swedish publisher Qi Minhai.

TV broadcasts with Qi Minhai took place in 2016 and 2018 and Ofcom previously convicted the television company for broadcasting after Angela Qi, the daughter of Qi Minhai Subscribed to the channel To British power. Ofcom is now announcing that CGTN will pay a total of 000, 200,000 in fines for broadcasts with the mandatory consent of Simon Cheng and Qi Minhai, which they believe is a serious violation of broadcasting rules in the UK.

Somewhat about the struggles in Hong Kong

This is not the first time the channel has been fined for violating British broadcasting rules. In addition to the mandatory approvals on television, they are also being compensated for broadcasting demonstrations in Hong Kong that are considered partisan. Within six months, the channel was awarded a total of 450,000 British pounds, equivalent to almost five million Swedish kronor.

CGTN was previously spotted by Telia in Sweden, which is something it encountered Sharp criticism By security guards of the human rights organization. The TV channel is no longer available in Telia’s range.