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Dad releases music on Friday 3/9 – according to rumors

Tasks in the Sun: Here Dad will reunite in London

The new website that started Daddy Fever in the world.
The new website that started Daddy Fever in the world.

Mysterious advertising campaign Dad boils the world by rumors.

On Thursday, the band is expected to launch a new show – the next day, The Sun reports that the first newly written dad song in 40 years will be released.

You have to wait until next Thursday and then you will get all that information, says Abbas’ spokeswoman Jerell Hanser.

On Thursday, Swedish superstars launched a new PR campaign online and on advertising pillars. London.

Newly launched Instagram-kont Dad Travel In just a few hours it went from zero followers to over twenty thousand and shared by both Abbas Official account Former global music boss with others Per chin. He is the CEO Bjorn Ulways Bob House is a company that operates the Dad Museum in Stockholm, along with the circus and Hasselbacon.

Campaign 2 shows the date 20 September 2021. According to the British The Sun. Four Dad members will present their upcoming hologram show, which was first unveiled in the world before October 2016.


Film Festival: “Around the World”

The Vienna Film Festival is rumored to have announced that Dad will air the show live next week at 6.45pm on Thursday:

“Directly from Stockholm, the ‘Dad Travel’ event will be offered worldwide at the same time”, Vienna Tourism Board writes in a press release.

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According to reports in the British media, Dad will be releasing one of the two most promising and newly written songs the band has said about 2018: “I still have faith in you” and “Don’t shut me up”.

Daily Mirror In that case he writes that the song release will take place next week on Friday, the day after “Daddy’s Journey” begins.

Aftonbladet reached out to Abbas’ spokesman Greal Hanser She did not want to give any information about what will happen on Thursday, September 2nd.

– No, I can’t say anything. You expect nothing more than that. You have to be like everyone else, she says.

Bjorn Ulways and Annie-Fried Lingstadt.

The stadium is being built on the Olympic site

But is there any rumor that a new song will be released on Friday?

– It is no secret that a new song should be released. It’s no secret, it has been written for years.

But hasn’t the release date been talked about before?

– No. You have to wait until next Thursday. Then you will get all the information.

It is also rumored that Dad has recorded more than two songs and that it may be related to a newly written album or EP. However, this was repeatedly denied by Jerell Hanser and Penny Anderson:

– This is completely wrong, you can write it, he told Aftonblood 2019.

On the hologram show, viewers can watch the “live performances” of the so-called dad-guerrillas of Bjன்rn Ulvais, Agneta Faltscock, Penny Anderson And Annie-Fried LingstadtWhen they were in the late 70s and early 80s when they were the biggest pop group in the world.

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The sun even has pictures He writes that “Daddy’s Journey” from a theater construction will be screened there in May next year. Adjacent to the stadiums built for the London 2012 Olympics, a specially constructed stadium at the Olympic Park is still under construction. It can accommodate 3,000 spectators and has a 360 degree stage. The newspaper writes that all four want to attend the premiere.

Sun: Expected to attract billions

The Sun says the project has cost hundreds of millions of kroner, but the show is estimated to attract billions after its premiere. According to the newspaper, the show is scheduled to be shown in London until 2025, after which the tour could go on. Stockholm and Las Vegas have been named as two potential gaming cities.

It’s no surprise that London in particular is presenting the first scene of the New Dad show. At the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, “Mamma Mia!” Dad also won concerts in the UK. Won first.

Since 1992, the album “Daddy Gold” has become the first album in the British Top 100 to top 1000 consecutive weeks. The album is the second best-selling album ever in the UK with 5.61 million copies.

Only Queens The “best wins” have become the best-selling.