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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio – Frankenstein blev skönhet

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio – Frankenstein became a beauty

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio – The Frankenstein monster has become a beauty and is now presented.

In March 2020, Microsoft will close its Redmond office. Employees bring what they can into home offices. For a few computer engineers and designers, that means Frankenstein, a prototype of a versatile and convertible laptop computer designed for Windows 11.

The idea was to send the mysterious troll on October 5, 2021, the same day Microsoft planned to release it. The first major software update in six years. Frankenstein, however, was far from finished, the parts taped together by the Surface Pro with new sensors, an updated keyboard and trackpad. So there is a lot of work left before the beast becomes a beauty.

The epidemic creates problems

When pandemic regulations ended work in the lab, the team that worked with Frankenstein had to find other solutions. Several different prototypes were left out the door to colleagues, who cleaned and tested further. In addition, there was also a shortage of components, and it was, of course, impossible to go to the company’s factory in China to control the production of parts.

“We had team members at the factory who had to wear Microsoft mixed reality headsets, otherwise we would have been there ourselves to solve problems in real time,” he says, Angela Kruskov, Chief Engineer at Microsoft to CNN. “We couldn’t go there, and we still can’t, so it was one of the pieces of art that helped in the process.”

A chameleon for creators

A year and a half later, Surface Laptop Studio appeared According to CNN The star of the fall release for Microsoft. Ordinary laptop, game and TV screen, or canvas to create on. Chameleon is aimed at professional developers and creators, as Microsoft wants to show its ability to offer something truly innovative to consumers.

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The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio will begin shipping on October 5, but as the pandemic continues to affect supply chains, there are no guarantees about how quickly the product will reach consumers.

“Lack of ingredients is a real problem,” he says Panos Banay product manager at Microsoft to CNN. “We work with it every day. I worry that we are going to sell everything and that we can’t get enough people together… but we are building as many as possible.”

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