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Microsoft is killing drag and drop in Windows 11 – again

Microsoft is killing drag and drop in Windows 11 – again

Microsoft recently released Windows 11 version 23H2, which is also called “Moment 4”. One of the big news in the update is that Explorer has a partially new interface that is more adapted to Windows 11. The software has also been rewritten using modern Windows APIs.

But it seems that Microsoft developers have once again forgotten that Windows has drag-and-drop capabilities. In Explorer, it was always possible to drag folders and files to the path bar to move or copy them, but this functionality has disappeared without a trace in the new Explorer, he wrote Latest Windows.

Does this sound familiar? When Windows 11 was first released in 2021, Microsoft also failed to include the drag-and-drop feature that was always there: the ability to place items on the taskbar by simply dragging them there from Explorer or the desktop. Microsoft restored this feature last fall in update 22H2.

Windows Latest contacts at Microsoft say that this feature is used by only a few users. Therefore, the developers chose not to include it in the rewritten version of Explorer, in order to finish the update faster. It is possible that he will appear again in a future update, but it is not confirmed.

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