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Meta and Microsoft want the EU to investigate new App Store rules

Meta and Microsoft want the EU to investigate new App Store rules

Just under a month ago, Apple introduced planned changes that will bring iOS and the App Store into compliance with EU legislation on digital markets. Since then, lawyers at competitors, consumer organizations and in Brussels have been busy analyzing rule changes to try to determine whether they are actually doing so.

Meta and Microsoft are among competitors that have already spoken negatively about Apple's rules changes, and according to Financial Times Companies have begun lobbying the European Commission in the hope that it will urgently investigate Apple and force the company to rethink.

The first steps proposed by Apple severely limit our chances of creating a useful alternative to the only store available on the largest gaming platform in the world, says Microsoft's head of gaming, Phil Spencer, to the newspaper.

Mark Zuckerberg recently said that he doesn't think many developers will choose to launch their apps on any alternative app store. “They have made it so difficult, and I think it goes against the intent of EU legislation, that it will be difficult for anyone to take it seriously.

According to the newspaper, the European Commission has heard the complaints and has already begun considering changes to Apple's rules. Some within the committee are beginning to wonder whether the law will be effective at all.

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