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Match Day 2: It happened in all the matches

Match Day 2: It happened in all the matches

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On the women’s side, all teams played one match on Saturday. Six matches with different outcomes as one of Sweden’s winners in the second group game round. We compile all the matches and results below.

Group E:

Chile – Canada 1-2

Japan – Great Britain 0-1

In Group E, the first of the three groups, Great Britain advanced to the quarterfinals, beating Japan 1-0. It hit star Ellen White who scored the only goal of the match in the second half.

In the second match in Group E, Canada took all three points against Chile. The Canadians won after Manchester City player John Becky scored both goals. Canada now have four points after two games, so it would be a good move to take a quarter-final spot.

Group F:

China – Zambia 4-4

Netherlands – Brazil 3-3

Oh, how much of a goal it was in Group F on Saturday. The team started the morning with China and Zambia in an event that included eight goals, four goals and three goals. Zambia’s 21 – year – old striker Barbara Banda scored three goals in the match. China’s Wang Shuang didn’t want to be bad, he scored four (!) Goals in the most eventful event.

The two favorites in Group F are the Netherlands and Pia Sundazes Brazil. They collided with each other during lunch in Swedish time. Even here, it was purposeful too. The Netherlands took the lead three minutes later and equalized for Brazil a quarter later. There were a total of four goals in the second half. The Netherlands took a 2-1 lead before Brazil and Marta converted the waves into a 2-3 advantage for Brazil in four minutes. With ten minutes left in regular match time, the Netherlands reached a draw and decided the final decision.

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Group G:

Sweden – Australia 4-2

New Zealand – United States 1-6

Sweden advanced to the quarterfinals after a 4-2 win over Australia. The match was played slightly back and forth when both teams were in the lead during the match. Fredolina Rolpe scored Sweden’s two goals in the victory and Hedwick Lindel saved the Swedish lead with 20 minutes left in a decisive penalty save.

In the second match, the United States jumped back after the defeat against Sweden, and they did so with information. 6-1 victory over New Zealand. The United States scored four goals in the second half, two of which were home goals. The Americans have a good spot ahead of the final against Australia because they are now three points clear in Group G.