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Stonehenge may lose its World Heritage status

Stonehenge may lose its World Heritage status

Earlier this week, Liverpool were eliminated UNESCO World Heritage List, New construction is believed to have destroyed the city’s Victorian shipyard. Only two other World Heritage Sites have been removed from the list in almost 50 years.

Now it’s Stonehenge’s turn Reports suggest that it may lose its status as the next British World Heritage Site Defender. The British government plans to build a road tunnel in the area – despite calls for a halt to the projects, they say they will do great damage to the unique cultural environment.

The UN World Heritage Committee has warned that the stone circle in the south of the UK could be placed on their “warning list” if the road tunnel becomes a reality. Such a warning means that the site may lose its status as a World Heritage Site. If so, Britain is the only country to remove more than one World Heritage Site.

– These places have international significance. They are what we have to offer from our cultural heritage. At a time when we want to leave the EU and take it seriously internationally, why not use these wonderful assets to help us achieve it? Chris Blandford, chairman of the World Heritage UK Interest Group, told The Guardian.

The Tower of London is also in danger.

Photo: Matt Dunham / A.P.

There are currently 31 in the UK World heritage, but many are endangered by construction projects that threaten to destroy cultural-historical value. In addition to Stonehenge, the Tower of London, the old and new city of Edinburgh, and the historic mining district of Cornwall are threatened.

“It is conceivable that other sites will be added to the UNESCO Risk Register, and if action is not taken to mitigate or prevent the damage identified by UNESCO, they will be removed from the World Heritage List,” Barry said.

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