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Mario Party Superstars review: A party for everyone

The ‘Superstars’ is a good blend of highlights from the past along with amenities that will only be available in 2021.

The best of the past remains – but above all else, Nintendo took charge.

“Mario Party Superstars” deserves its legendary name.

Mostly due to the fact that uninvited guests were taken from the past.

Mario Party is based on a great concept. The new “Superstars” is similar to the 25th edition of the series. I can’t believe there are still so many “Fast & Furious” movies out there.

But this charming, adrenaline-filled elf of party games has definitely mixed up in the past. “Super Mario Party,” for example, a Switch game two years ago, was very disappointing. Many deficiencies stirred up yellow fever in me.

So when I invited a group of friends on Friday to try out the new “Mario Party Superstars” for the first time, I got a little nervous about the game’s conditions before I knocked on the door.

“Excuse me nintendoDon’t spoil this now,” I said to myself.

And no, they didn’t.

A selection of the best mini-games over the years is tasteless.

The fads are over

The strange, nondescript lobby of the previous game has been replaced by a simple and relaxing starter world. The gratitude for the ability to increase tempo in both text display and movement patterns is enormous. But I’m happier that you can play with any control you want – that is, you’re not limited to a single Joy-con. It gives completely different control in all the mini games, literally.

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Then of course I know the tracks and these mini-games are from previous versions (especially the N64 era). But that doesn’t directly make me angry. In our party company, there will be refined nostalgia for some of us and crazy new adventures for others.

This win factor also permeates the game mechanics. It may not entirely matter if you have experience or not. But the structure really allows everyone to participate – and everyone really has a realistic chance of winning in the end.

Moreover, you can now turn on the party mode online. Gorgeous of course. But honestly, it feels like complimenting a professional ballerina so that the person in question can get down in spades. this feature It just has to exist It is an insult that this option did not exist before.

Everyone actually has a real chance of winning – and that doesn’t happen in a way that completely lacks logic.

Logical madness

Sure, there’s no real reason to yell over spilled milk in the past. But it does give me the perspective to really sip every drop at this party.

Because he screams on game night. There is laughter, screaming and joking. When I introduced it to my playmate, Dad, two days later, the children in each of us woke up in a way that touches my soul. We’re just so funny.

“What crazy teams are at stake, Leo. These are better chapters,” he says and compares it to “Super Mario Party.”

At the same time, the game series has not directly lost its ability to test friendships in the same way as the patented game Monopoly. Love how a superior leader can balance the ground in just one round. Again, this madness (bonus stars, Bowser boxes, etc.) is more logical and easier to chew than it was in the previous Switch title. The components are already there.

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So yeah, it doesn’t matter how old you are or how good you are at video games. Your orientation, gender identity, or background could not be less important.

Do you only belong to the demographic group?Nintendo Switch-owner “I got a +3 invite to a party that hardly anyone wants to miss.