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“Many of the victims are coming from vacations abroad”

Posted on Thursday, 15 July 2021, 08:12 – Submitted Item

The incidence of Covit-19 is now increasing in the UK and southern Europe. Infection control Vestra Cotaland emphasizes the importance of following the new recommendation of the Swedish Public Health Organization.

– We see many people bringing Govit-19 back from a holiday trip. Leaf Toddwall, an assistant epidemiologist, says this is a big risk that the spread of the infection at home will accelerate again.

From July 12, the Swedish Public Health Institute recommends that everyone who has lived in a non-Nordic country have a PCR test for Govit-19 on their return. The background to this has been an increase in infections from overseas travel in recent weeks, at least not from Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

This pattern is also evident in the Vestra Gotland.

– We receive reports every day about people coming in from abroad with the epidemic. After all, it’s about young people who have moved to southern Europe, says Leif Toddwall, an assistant epidemiologist in Westra Catalonia.

How about thinking about overseas travel this summer?

– The goal and the need to be careful when you return home. Get a PCR test when you return to Sweden even if you have no symptoms. But the best thing is if you can stay in Sweden this summer and follow the advice and restrictions that apply here, says Leaf Todwall.

The Vestra Cotland area already offers a free PCR sample in the arrival hall of Landwetter Airport between 8-23 every day. Anyone who does not travel home via Landwetter can register for a PCR test by contacting their health center.

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So even if you do not have Govt-19 symptoms, it is recommended to have a PCR test when you return to Sweden. Only those who have been vaccinated for Covit-19 at least three weeks before coming to Sweden and those who have Covit-19 in the last 6 months are excluded. But even if these groups have symptoms, a test should be taken.

The Swedish Public Health Agency further recommends that everyone who travels be careful about who they meet next week after their trip – regardless of where the trip went, whether they were vaccinated or whether there was Govt-19.

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