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Four Iranians suspected of kidnapping plans

Four Iranians suspect kidnapping plots

The four suspects were said to be one person in Iranian intelligence and three people who worked under him Report U.S. From the Judiciary.

Masih Alinojat, an American journalist from Iran, appears to have been the target of these plans. He is a fierce critic of the Tehran government and has founded the organization My Stealth Freedom, which encourages women to remove their masks.

Still Alinejat He was active as a journalist in Iran, but said in interviews that he canceled his press ID after being investigated for corruption and misconduct within the regime. He was repeatedly threatened with arrest and eventually left the country in 2009, but remains a nail in the coffin of the regime.

The press release does not indicate her name, but a column Washington Post He confirmed that he was subject to Iranian propaganda on social media to kidnap him.

“Photoshopped pictures showed my investigators wearing headscarves and handcuffs,” he continues in the column:

“It was a terrible experience, but I can’t say it was completely unexpected. The regime tried to frighten me into silence in so many ways.”

According to the Ministry Four people living in Iran were planning to lure her to a third country with the help of the victim’s relatives, from where she would be arrested and taken to Iran. The victim’s house and the surroundings in Brooklyn are said to have been monitored by private detectives, and a video camera has been installed in his home. The surveillance is said to have been carried out with the help of money laundered from Iran, and a fifth person living in California has been arrested on suspicion of financing the kidnapping scheme.

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The federal police should have figured out the plans.

“This accusation accuses the Iranian government of plotting to abduct a journalist who lives in the United States and is an American citizen, and to carry out surveillance on American soil – all of which our citizen is returning to Iran to avenge the fact that he used his freedom of speech with the intention of deception,” the FP said. Alan E. Kohler, head of the bureau at I.A., says in a press release.

An alternative plan Must have taken the journalist out of New York by motor boat and then boarded a ship bound for Venezuela.

“This is not a long-awaited movie plot,” William F. Sweeney Jr. of the FBI’s New York office said in a statement. The New York Times.

The U.S. Department of Justice says Iranians have mapped out others who wanted to be abducted in Canada, Britain and the United Arab Emirates.

Iran denies all the allegations and calls them “unsubstantiated and absurd.”

“This is not the first time the United States has discovered such Hollywood stories,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Syed Qadir al-Hashimi told Iran’s state news agency ISNA.

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