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Many dead in Tennessee floods - Hurricane rushes from the east

Many dead in Tennessee floods – Hurricane rushes from the east

Tropical Storm Henry has increased in strength and is considered a hurricane and is expected to reach Long Island in New York early Sunday local time. Meanwhile, floods hit Tennessee and several deaths were reported.

At least 10 people have died and nearly 40 are missing after major floods in Tennessee, in the United States, according to local media reports.

Heavy rain combined with the tornado inundated large areas of Humphreys County, just over ten miles west of Nashville. The area has gone through the worst of weather, but the danger is far from over.

– This is a dangerous and catastrophic situation, says the meteorologist Chrissy Hurley Even Tennessee.

The gigantic concert blew up

In the northeastern United States, the NHC has warned of severe storms and flooding in the northeastern United States when the hurricane hits the worst of New York’s Long Island, believed to be the worst hit.

In New York City, the mayor has Bill de Blasio Declared emergency events, outdoor events and construction work are banned on Sunday.

Already Saturday, New York was affected when the big concert was scheduled to be held in Central Park in Manhattan to celebrate the city’s opening up after the pandemic was called off.

Half of the concert had room for harvest before the organizers announced that everyone had to leave the park.

“As difficult weather conditions approach, we ask all those present to calmly move towards the nearest exit and continue to exit the park”; He writes to the NYPD on Twitter, where they assure that it is not an emergency.

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The break came in the middle Barry Manulose performance.

– They boycotted us and kicked us out of the theater because they were afraid of thunder. It’s starting to get really serious,” Manilow told CNN afterwards.

“Don’t be fooled”

On Long Island, evacuations took place on Saturday and authorities prepared residents to provide power and phone lines at risk of collapse, just as last summer when Storm Isis cut off 600,000 homes. They also cautioned against reports that many took the warnings seriously after being told Henry was not as powerful as Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

– Do not be deceived, the storm has changed, says the resigned ruler Andrew Cuomo According to the New York Times.

Rain and flooding are expected to hit an area stretching from northern New Jersey to Connecticut on Sunday.