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Mama Mia!  Chris Pratt plays Mario in the star-studded movie

Mama Mia! Chris Pratt plays Mario in the star-studded movie

The world’s most famous plumber will be a movie and the voice cast will feature a bunch of big names but not a single Italian!

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This coming Christmas, it is believed that the Super Mario Bros. cartoon will debut in cinemas, but now the list of actors who will give voices to some of the most classic characters in the gaming world has been released. Not entirely unexpectedly, it elicited a lot of backlash.

Mario himself will be played by Guardians of the Galaxy star, Chris Pratt. I played the best bridge Mario, Luigi It’s always sunny in PhiladelphiaGuy is played by Charlie Day, Supervillain Bowser by Jack Black, Anya Taylor-Joy playing Peach, Keegan Michael Key playing Todd, and Seth Rogen playing Donkey Kong.

A group of very funny people who will surely be able to create something fun here with directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelinek. However, there are two problems, fans will not be completely satisfied when such lovable characters are portrayed and neither Pratt nor Dai are Italian. Oooooooooow.

And the fact that Charles Martinet, the man who invented the voice for Mario and has been the game’s voice actor since 1995, was turned down by a Hollywood actor also made it difficult. Anyway, Pratt did his part to calm fans down and upload him Instagram video As he explains his love for games and reveals that he has worked hard to put his voice to the fullest.

Of course, the choice of roles elicited some reactions and here are some of the best ones. We are goooo here!


jurassic mario

Yes, Jack Black feels like a great buggy

Let’s go!

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