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A sale can easily be linked digitally to an impersonal sale. It becomes more difficult to show our character, and the quote drowns in a mail basket with at least ten others. So what do you do to not only manage your sales process, but even improve it when selling digitally?

It’s about finding channels of communication that aren’t really saturated, says Vainu co-founder Mikko Honkanen.

At Vainu, they used GetAccept in their sales processes to be able to better track every step of the sales process via data – not just through gut feeling. When they tried to send agreements with or without the GetAccept video functionality, they got a higher closing frequency on the bids sent with the video offer.

Although many people know that video is good in all possible contexts today, there are still a few B2B companies that use it. Therefore, it is a channel of communication that makes it easy to distinguish, says Mikko Honkanen.

When Samir Smajek, CEO and co-founder of GetAccept, started the company in 2015, it was already clear that digital was the future of B2B sales. Since then, development has been faster than expected.

The ability to provide a quality digital experience to customers, according to McKinsey & Co, doubles the likelihood of a store closing. And don’t do it just by sending a lot of emails. An electronic signature is a way to increase your click rate, but if you add interactive features, such as chat, video, cool filling of your agreement, and automatic reminders, the potential increases even more.

Among those who use GetAccept, those who use more engaging features in their mail have a 30% higher infection rate, than those who only send an electronic signature agreement. Nobody wants a boring sale, and if you can find ways to make it fun and interactive, not only will the customer be happier, but you’ll also create a faster and smoother sales process.

There is still an old superstition that companies are not ready to start business like this, and that they only work in small businesses. In fact, the data shows that 70% of companies are willing to do business up to five hundred thousand kroner in the Internet environment. Another common bias is that a customer’s customer wants it the traditional way. But this is not true. We constantly receive feedback from our clients telling us how satisfied their clients are with the new and simplified way of signing agreements. It makes our customers look good, says Sameer Smajek.

Getting started with a more engaging digital sales process doesn’t have to take long or hard. At GetAccept, you have everything bundled and you get an overview, automation, and communications in one tool and itself. Getting started shouldn’t take more than an hour – even for a slightly larger sales team.

Learn more and book a demo with GetAccept today!

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