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Lindy on British nuclear armament: 'It's a step in the wrong direction'

Lindy on British nuclear armament: ‘It’s a step in the wrong direction’

The UK surprisingly announced last week that it had changed its goal of reducing the number of nuclear warheads to a maximum of 180 and instead raised the ceiling to 260. The country aims to reduce the number for 30 years.

Anne Lindy responded to the letter during her visit to Brussels on Monday.

– It’s a step in the wrong direction. We on the Swedish side are working hard for nuclear arms control, nuclear disarmament, Linde tells SVT Nyheter.

What are you going to do about it?

– We are working within the framework of the so-called Stockholm Initiative at the end of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament. It was postponed due to the pandemic.

Russian cash

On Sunday, Russia criticized Britain’s message, according to the news agency Reuters.

Now Sweden agrees to the criticism, even if the tone is not so loud.

Cooperating with Germany

In August 2020, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven (S) and Anne Linde wrote a discussion on nuclear weapons at DN: “Common security is threatened by nuclear weapons. They write that anyone who claims that nuclear weapons are protection forgets that they have the power to destroy us all.”

They then reported that Sweden and Germany had brought together 14 other countries for a global initiative to increase disarmament.

– That’s in the wrong direction. This is something we bring up with the UK when we have conversations with them, says Ann Lindy.