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Lexon drug distributor company invests in AddSecure's multi-camera and temperature monitoring systems

Lexon drug distributor company invests in AddSecure’s multi-camera and temperature monitoring systems

AddSecure Smart Transport’s end-to-end solution enables Lexon wholesale pharmaceuticals to fully control its resources from a single system. The solution, which includes vehicle cameras, increases security and provides protection against unfounded claims and charges.

Wholesaler of pharmaceuticals is reading She entered into an agreement with AddSecure Smart Transport. As the UK’s largest independent pharmacy wholesaler, with distribution centers in Redditch, Dublin, Durham, Scotland and Leeds, Lexon plays an important role in transporting medicines and medical supplies.

The solution specifically designed for Lexon includes vehicle tracking, telecommunications services, driver identification services, temperature monitoring and several 4G cameras in the vehicle.

Due to the sensitivity of medical transportation, Lexon must comply with strict compliance rules and regulations. It was therefore of utmost importance to have a supplier that could provide the company with a reliable and innovative temperature monitoring solution for the entire vehicle fleet, which reaches more than 150 vehicles and is constantly growing. With a temperature warning in place, Lexon now has extra protection and an assurance that merchandise will maintain quality throughout transport and delivered intact.

AddSecure Smart Transport’s end-to-end solution enables Lexon to fully control its resources from a single system, including vehicles, other assets, and drivers. The comprehensive multi-camera system combined with vehicle tracking gives the company protection against unfounded allegations and accusations.

AddSecure’s Verilocation platform is extremely easy to use, which is important to us as we knew it would become an integral part of our daily operations. As we become more knowledgeable about the technology, and supported by the AddSecure Smart Transport team in the UK, we hope to see a reduction in monthly vehicle costs and insurance premiums, says Nishal Jamnadas, Lexon’s CFO.

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We are convinced that the selected solutions will help Lexon achieve its efficiency goals. In addition, digital documentation of refrigerated transport – through temperature monitoring – will significantly reduce company and customer risk by making it easier to obtain liability and evidence, says Andrew Overton, Vice President of Smart Transport, UK.

AddSecure Smart Transport UK changed its name from Connexas on March 31, 2021. With an established presence in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia, the company has provided its expertise in transportation and logistics of more than 20 years. With the entry of the AddSecure brand, the offer is strengthened for the transportation and logistics sector.