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Leaving western Afghanistan – China and Russia staying

China has expressed concern that Afghanistan could become a base for similar groups.

Otherwise continue Beijing to lubricate diplomatic relations:

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said that after the Chinese ambassador’s meeting between Kabul and the Taliban, China has established open and effective communication and is consulting with the Afghan Taliban.

John Hollenberg, Head of Research at UI. Photo: Jessica Co / DT

Some details It did not come out of the conversation between Ambassador Wang Yu and Taliban political leader Abdul Salam Hanabi.

The Chinese have the financial resources to gain more influence in the country, but I don’t think we should exaggerate that opportunity, says John Hollenberg.

As for Russia, Afghanistan is concerned with domestic policy after clearing traces of the failed Soviet invasion that began in the late 1970s.

– Just as you are moving towards Belarus and Syria, you accept the government and do not get involved. This is a clear sign, says John Hollenberg.

Although Unrest and opposition against the Taliban in Afghanistan has accumulated in the capital, with 33 provinces in the country.

– It is difficult to know what people in the country think. Wars have been going on for years. You can’t fight all the time. What should they do if they do not accept the existing administration? Says John Hollenberg.

The people of the Banjshir Valley, about 150 kilometers north of Kabul, are surrounded by inaccessible mountainous terrain, and over the years they have been known for their strong resilience in the form of taqiks, numbering about nine million people.

One stood Against both the Soviet invasion in the late 1990s and the advance of the Taliban. The difference now is that the Taliban control all the roads in the Punjab Valley.

– John Hollenberg says this makes it very difficult for them to continue to resist.

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