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Dante - First Writer of the Western World 25 August 2021 - P1 Culture

Dante – First Writer of the Western World 25 August 2021 – P1 Culture

What can we really know about Dante?
P1 Guldur was visited by Anders Gulheld, author and professor of literature, who wrote the autobiography “Dante – The First Writer”, one of the most supported writers of world literature. There is “divine humor”.

But who is Dante? How do you know about someone who died 700 years ago?

Expanded on Sun Raw and Culture Malma
P1 Guldour’s reporter Alpha Mogensen visits an exhibition about musician Sun Ra at the Malmo Art Gallery and explores the concept of Afro-Futurism with Elena Volo, the exhibition’s curator.

“Charlie good night, or how?”
On Tuesday night, news came that Charlie Watts, who had been playing the drummer in stores for more than half a century, had passed away. Many have talked about Charlie Watts’ importance to Stone’s music. But what makes his contribution to the band more specific?

In Gradvallpodden’s section “Rolling Stones – Baroque or Rococo?” Since 2017, freelance drummer Ola Haldgren has been named the most valuable member of the Charlie Watts band. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.

Note-Article: What Happens to Art When Emotions Sell?
Sonia Headstrand explores how human relationships undergo a major transformation, i.e. the mutual, emotional bias that forms the basis of our relationships often takes place in the form of financial transactions.

But when emotions are sold out and reality and fantasy go hand in hand – what is the role of the artist in art and society? Part 3 of the series Life in Dimensions.

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Dream Orchestra for unique refugees
Five years ago, the Dream Orchestra began in Gothenburg: a band to catch mainly young sub-refugees. The orchestra has formed a community and many of the refugees who started with the orchestra came from Afghanistan during the 2015 refugee wave.

P1 Cultural Reporter Viveka Plath met one of them, Asil Saleem.

Editor: Frederick Watstrom
Producer: Anna Dulberg