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"Kevcalect" when it showed the imprisoned activist

“Kevcalect” when it showed the imprisoned activist

“Don’t forget that he is being held hostage,” Vranak Vyatorka, an adviser to Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tishanovskaya, wrote on Twitter after Protasevich denied allegations of ill health, coercion and torture.

“Mom, Dad, don’t worry, I’m fine,” Roman Protasevic confirmed, raising his hands as “proof.”

accused of incitement

On an earlier occasion when Protasevich appeared on Belarusian television, injuries to his wrists were seen, among other things.

Franak Vyashurka continued on Twitter: “This is not a press conference, this is a Kafka or Orwell spectacle.”

BBC British media journalists on the scene chose to leave the “press conference” after Protasevich appeared with men in green at his side – said to be employees of the Belarusian investigative committee.

However, during the event it turned out that Roman Protasevich was accused of inciting the population, organizing mass protests and disturbing public order. His girlfriend Sofia Sobiga is accused of incitement and participation in mass protests.

flight hijacking

At the same time, Protasevich claimed that he voluntarily cooperates with the security services.

Protasevic and his girlfriend, law student Sofia Sabiga, were arrested in May on a Ryanair flight. The European Union and the United States tightened their sanctions on Belarus after the forced landing in Minsk, which was described as a mere hijacking of planes.

Both Protasevich and Sabiga have previously been shown on TV shows where they have been allowed to “recognize” the activities of the opposition classified as illegal in Belarus. Their relatives and human rights organizations fear torture in detention.