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Kate footed the baby bill on St. Patrick's Day for the soldiers

Kate footed the baby bill on St. Patrick's Day for the soldiers

Princess Kate and Prince William during the St. Patrick's Day Parade last year.

Photo: Stephen Locke / I-IMAGES / EYEVINE TT News Agency

Princess Kate drinks Guinness in 2020.

PHOTO: SPLASHNEWS.COM / Stella Pictures / Splash News

Princess Kate underwent gastric bypass surgery last January. She is still recovering and has not been able to resume her royal duties since then. This means, among other things, that she cannot be part of the St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 17.

In December 2022, Kate became a colonel in the Irish Guards. Last year was Kate's first time attending the big St Patrick's Day parade in the English city of Aldershot in her new role. Afterwards, she and her husband, Prince William, drank a glass of Guinness with the soldiers.

Kate Guinness offered for 26,000 SEK

That's why she didn't have the opportunity to attend this year. However, when the soldiers arrived at the regimental bar after the traditional parade, a pleasant surprise awaited them.

Kate had already taken care of the bill for the soldiers' children by paying 26,000 kroner. It costs about 700 glasses of Guinness, which should be enough for even the thirstiest of guards.

Before the show, Kate and William put one together Instagram-A video showing how the soldiers prepared for the upcoming parade.

“Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here's a sneak peek as the Irish Guards rehearse for the annual parade. Sláinte to all who celebrate today”“, wrote the princely couple.

“Sláinte” is a phrase used when toasting bread in Ireland and Scotland. The word means “health,” as in toasting that others in the company will enjoy good health.

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